Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNY in Perth, V2

Today is my first year in Perth. With this posting, that also means I have missed the boat in the CNY rush to go home. There are just too many "unfortunate backdoorings" and delays that ended up in more delays to my training. As of this moment, I am currently waiting for my final P4 check and then comes the penultimate CPL/IR flight test. Although only 6 sorties away and seemed so near to completion, yet it is a far fetched dream. Now all I can hope for is to go home before the 15 days of CNY end. Yes, another mission impossible. But at least putting in hopes are better than having none.

Not all are bad down here. Just last week, we had a big CNY gathering in the college. Big salute goes to the new committee for organizing the event. We had a wonderful steamboat night with the customary chinese new year dish of "Lou Hei" or "Lou Sang". That brought back the CNY cheer, spirit and smiles to all the cadets here missing the CNY back home.

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