Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mini Travel Log: San Francisco, USA (2)

For this trip, let me take you through a trip to the prison on the rock as a prisoner. This rock is famously named the Alcatraz and featured in many popular movies like X-Men, The Rock, and many more. This prison housed many hardcore criminals. Although it is marketed as no one escaped the prison before, prison breaks did happened before and a number of men escaped. Records only showed those who escaped were caught again or killed, but never mentioned those who were unaccounted for. They were presumed missing and died in the cold waters. I think those guys really made it to the mainland considering the close distance from the rock. Lucky bastards.

On this trip also another new beginning and "adventure" began. God really gives you surprises when you least expected it. So peeps out there, remember when you're down, always look up in the sky. The rain clouds will always clear up for a beautiful sky and rainbow at the end of the day. So keep on believing and smiling as good things do come to those who wait.

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Adelyn said...

Wow.. i support, think positively everyday and life really could be so clear blue and rainbow shine!

Sometimes, Faith do play their part well in life~ *wink*