Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise

When one mentions Australia, Gold Coast is definitely one in the topic. It is as popular as the Sydney Opera House or the kangaroos among tourists. The booming tourism industry makes it a metropolitan city with towering skyscrapers and expensive waterfront homes for the rich and famous. The Q1 building is towering at 320ft and claimed to be the tallest residential building in the world. Along this 60km Gold Coast stretch, Surfers Paradise is the more popular spot among tourists with Japanese and Middle Easters making the bulk of it. I was late to the beach due to shoppings in Brisbane so I couldn't see much daylight activities on the beach. By nightfall, this area turns into a nightlife entertainment hot spot. Young and hot local party chicks turn out in droves to party till morning. Families wishing a more peaceful environment head down to the night flea market along the beach. Shoppers will be delighted with many designer shops opening till late hours. For asians, I bet most of them are trapped inside the casino. The night view from the waterfront homes overlooking the city is just breathtaking. So peaceful and wonderful sight; a bright moon, a million stars, and a thousand more "stars" on the ground, making one perfect masterpiece art of mother nature on the water reflection. If I have the opportunity to stay here, I guess my life span expands 10 years.

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Joanna said...

looking at all the pics, really do miss surfers beach now. I actually dragged my towel one night and spent the night gazing at stars. Nice the have a clear night sky for a change.