Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mini Travel Log: Melbourne, Australia

Want to experience four seasons in one day? Melbourne is the place. A day can start off with a wonderful hot summer day, but a sweeping cold front from the southern ocean brings down the temperature close to winter while bringing in heavy rains, gale, thunderstorms and even hail. I under-estimated the weather and was caught off guard on the day of arrival. It was a freezing cold night.

Weather was not really good the next day either. It was a morning of fog and cloudy day. Nevertheless I managed to explore the great city. Many buildings have heavy Victorian architecture influence. To my surprise, there is no bus service at the heart of the city itself. It is served by the world's largest tram network instead. The heritage trams are an iconic sight. South of the city across Yarra river houses new urban buildings like the Eureka Tower, hotels, entertainment and casino places. Further south is Albert Park where the annual Melbourne F1 race is held.

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