Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and some of the biggest stars on earth. This is where the films and movies being mass produced and sold to the world as American Dream. So what is this American Dream? Fast cars, posh Beverly Hills homes, sex, drugs and alcohol. Hollywood sure does know how to sell their movies and implant the American culture in every youth on earth. While I was here, Arnold Schwarzenegger was all over the news for breaking up with his beautiful wife because he was banging his old hag housekeeper. Yawnzzz...nothing new. Everyone is banging each other and I think it is a norm in their culture. This is the American dream and culture yo! If you ain't doin' it, then you ain't cool. Remember kids, you follow the American dream, you're gonna live dangerously and die young; just like MJ. After coming back from here, I only have one word in mind - "I'll...Be...Back...". Damn...even I couldn't resist the glitter of this Tinseltown. I'm gonna go back for the Universal Studios, the Disneyland and of course shopping spree. Now I understand why this flight into LA is called a charity fight despite the handsome pay. I just contributed to the economy revival of USA. And I'm not even a charitable person. =(

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4 looneys, 1 cool Mustang, and a stupid camera. Driving on the streets of LA in the middle of the night. The result = awesomeness.

Venice Beach, LA

The Grove; Hollywood Walk of Fame; Downtown LA

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