Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mini Travel Log: Barcelona, Spain

During winter in Barcelona, many tours and excursions were shut down. So I spent my time in the city; re-tracing the steps I took 5 years ago during my backpacking trip in Spain. Barcelona was the first Europe city that I stepped my foot on. During that time, I had limited time and rushed through everything; skipping many hidden jewels in the city. This time, I had all the luxury to slowly explore and enjoy the magnificent architectures around this city. With no crowd this time, I finally managed to step my foot into the famous church of Sagrada Familia. This church was constructed a century ago and yet to be finished. Although more than 100 years old, the interior totally looked light years ahead and alien to me. Initially I thought I have stepped into an alien spaceship. The rest of my days in Barcelona were spent visiting other Gaudi masterpieces like the Casa Battlo, walking by the beach, visiting the grand Barcelona Cathedral and also the Poble de Espanyol (Spanish village).

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