Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BBQ at Mill Point

Last weekend, we had a bbq gathering at Mill Point. That was my first bbq in broad daylight. Some of our flying instructors were there to join in the fun. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Add in some alcohols, some got to see the moon and stars instead. It was funny to see how some of the drunks behave in the day.

A visit to Mill Point is never complete without snapping pictures of the city on a beautiful blue sky and sunny days like this. The view is just magnificent.

This is the place for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend. It's going to be an interesting finale showdown between those daredevil pilots; racing each other in crazy maneuvers. Seen in the pictures are the temporary control tower and the grand stand being erected. Check this space again for hot action pictures on race day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freo Day Out

Drove down to the Fremantle Market for fresh fruits. Was hunting for fresh strawberries and this was the place to be. Strawberries are selling cheap and fresh from the farms. The best thing is the strawberries there are HUGE and sweet. Some come in the size as big as a tennis ball.

A classic car was spotted with a valid number plate and registration! I bet it's about 50-60 years old, but still roadworthy.

The plan for the weekend was to head out to the beach after the market. But the weather turned out to be too cold for a dip in the ocean. So in the end, the whole afternoon was spent eating lunch and sight-seeing the town there.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rihanna's Sequel 2: Sober Boys Gone To War

Still feeling sober from the welcoming party, we dragged ourselves out from the bed early in the morning. Set off on a road trip way up to the North and East of Perth. Bunch of zombies going for paintball shooting. Up to the hills and past the meadow greens we go. Spring is here and it was a wonderful sight up there to see all the flowers blossoming. To super hungover Hugo, thank you for puking in the car and spoiling the mood on the way.

With camos and gears on, everyone was so eager to go into battlefield; only to find out life of a soldier isn't cool at all. Bunch of sober zombies charged blindly towards the enemy and were riddled with bullets instantly. Alcohols and paintball don't mix, buddies. Sorry for the guys who went home that day with bruises as big as the size of a peanut.

On the way home, we passed by a small town called Mundaring. Had a pit stop to refill our stomachs in Little Caesars; world famous award winning pizzeria. True enough to their claims and trophy on display, the pizzas are really out of this world. Not the regular type you can get anywhere from Pizza Hut or Dominos. Fantastic and yummy!

Rihanna's Sequel: Good Boys Gone Wild

Good boys gone wild, the Jandakot way. We have prepared the best, most enjoyable and the wackiest welcoming party for new batch boys of Course 126 to Jandakot. It wasn't about drinking to get drunk nor ragging the juniors. It was all about everyone having fun, to participate and to break the ice. Managed to discover hidden talents among them like the "Great Sucker", "Strawman" and the "Inverted Slut". Few pairs of long lost "twins" and "brothers" were reunited too. That was definitely the best welcoming party of all time in Jandakot history. C121 and 126 rocks. Big thanks going out for C125 too for the assistance.