Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Summer Catalunya Tour

Weather was perfect for the weekend in Spain. Coming over from Milan, I really looked forward to the weekend for some summer heat and fun. 3 years ago, I backpacked Spain which included Barcelona. But it was such an amazing race that I did not really spend much time in one place. This time , I have a lot of time and planned to discover not only Barcelona, but the Catalunya region as well.

First stop was of course Barcelona. Hoping to get into the forever-in-construction Sagrada Familia, my hope was dashed once again. To my dismay, the queue line was just too long; snaking one round across the church's perimeter. Sensing not worth the wait, I jumped into the subway train to some parks which I did not visit from my previous trip. I came into a Ceramic Museum in the park which also features interior home designs and fashions from the old age to modern times. Surprisingly to discover that things invented 80 years ago that were deemed too futuristic, were actually what today called in-trend and in-fashion; being copied by designers and sought after by blind fashionistas who didn't know they were actually wearing outdated designs. The fashion section also showed an interesting shift in a woman's body from big bust and bum into the walking stick of a modern woman wearing loose fitting dresses.

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Day 2 was my excursion trip out from the city Barcelona. I headed up to the famous mountain of Montserrat. Here lies one of the oldest monasteries in Spain built on the spectacular jagged mountain of peculiar rock formations. Many pilgrims make their pilgrimage here to see the Virgin of Montserrat or more commonly called the black Virgin Mary or Black Madonna. The Montserrat Boys' Choir was the highlight of this tour. They are the oldest boys' choir in the world and their concerts around the world are much sought after. I was so lucky to be able to catch their performance in the monastery itself.

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What a great way to end the tour other than having an ice cold mojito by the beach, enjoying the summer heat and hot looking nude babes. Sitges is the place for the rich and famous. I visited the Bacardi house, founder of the famous Bacardi rum. Here I was served ice cold mojito expertly mixed by the bartenders. The best mojito I've tasted so far. Mmm...

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