Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here I am in Perth, finally. The place I'm going to call home for the next 10 months. When I arrived at the airport, I saw a hot chick and had a bloody nose already. Haha, just kidding. It must be the summer heat that got my blood vessel to burst. What a great welcome gift. Tsk..tsk..

It's summer here, so we get clear blue sky almost everyday. It's perfect for flying but that also makes the weather to be extreme. It is very hot during the day and the reverse in the night. The air is very dry too. Many of us who come from wet tropical areas have difficulties in adapting to the arid weather here. Luckily for me, I have no problem with the humidity, but the sun is burning up my skin. Arghh!!!

Transportation around the Perth suburbs is terrible. So I got myself a second hand car. Getting a car here is very cheap and easy. It's fun to drive around as the road is not as crazy back at home. Drivers here are generally very polite and the traffic system is very organized. There are many classic and muscle cars around the street. The sound of the muscle cars are just fantastic. The engine lets out a fierce powerful growl and it can beat most of the modified modern cars on the road.

My first outing was to the Fremantle Beach, which is about 20km from the city. The beach is on the west coast facing the Indian Ocean. I was there to watch the sunset and to enjoy the cool see breeze. The sceneries are very nice and perfect for me to practice my photography skills.