Monday, September 10, 2007

P2 check: Cleared

Exactly 3 months after my P1, I was up again for a flight check on the 9th Sep. This time, it was a check to determine my competency in visual navigation flying. I had waited 2 weeks just for this and valuable time was lost due to this no flying period. I flew with Andrew Spencer and he was such a nice instructor to fly with. Very professional and chill out guy; as he let me fly my plane with minimum distraction and interference. All decisions rested solely on me as if I'm the captain of the plane. The lucky plane this time was VH-BZX; relatively the newest and best handling plane in the flying college. Now that I have passed the check, I'm in Phase 3 now where most of the instrument flyings are done. It can be termed as IFR flight or in layman's term "blind man flying". Flights are done under the hood or in the clouds with reliance on the instruments.