Sunday, November 05, 2017

Last Post: Drawing The Curtains

Do people still write or read blogs in this new social media age? I think the answer is a clear no. Blogging has long been killed and replaced by the 4 social media giants; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The old fart in me tried hanging onto this dying art and continued to write lame blog posts for the past few years. Can't fight the tide. It is so much easier to share on new social media platforms than the old fashioned blogging methods. Now, I've finally decided to call it quits. As of today, this blog is 13 years old and had documented almost a good quarter of my life. From a young naive university student to the exciting cadet pilot training and finally to an old fart whom probably is going through mid life crisis. As the curtains draw to a close, I certainly do feel sad and hard to let go. I will surely miss the blogging fun and my audiences. All my posts will be left as it is and accessible as long as this blog server is online. I'm sure my posts on my journey from a cadet pilot to a commercial pilot on the A380 will surely inspire and help many aspiring young pilots. Or if you would like to find travel tips around the world or just look at beautiful travel pictures, you can find them in the travel diaries archives. If you are my friend, you can still catch up and stay in contact via my Facebook account. All new travel pictures will only be uploaded onto Facebook.

So here I am, end of the line with the last sentence for my blog. I would like to thank all my loyal blog readers and followers. Would love to have you onboard my plane someday or perhaps our paths cross each other out there in the future.