Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote For Your Future

I've never blogged about politics. But this time, Malaysia is in such dire state that I feel the need to do my part and do something. The pictures below show us only a small fraction of what is really happening back in Malaysia. Things that usually get censored from the mainstream media. For the past 50 years, ethnic minorities are systematically marginalised. Corruptions are daylight rampant. Billions of dollars wasted on white elephant projects. Kids infused with racial hatred; led by our examplary 'keris' wielding minister. Crime and rape cases soaring to new heights. And now, the UMNO has been openly recruiting Mat Rempits (malaysian bikie gangs) which I'm afraid going to be used to incite racial riots when time comes. More news and pictures can be found here.

The future looks bleak enough if we do not take action now. So my fellow Malaysians, do your part in this coming election and vote wisely. Deny BN their majority. Voting the opposition does not make you racist nor unpatriotic. Do not fall for the propagandas that are being used to paint the Opposition as inept, as terrorists and being violent. It has already been proven the current government is incapable and leading the country into turmoil while plundering our rich resources. Look at Australia, Japan and the US. Changing their government do them good. It's time for our own change. Give the Opposition a chance to prove their worth. We don't know if we don't try. I'd rather gamble 5 years than to risk my entire future and the future of my generations.

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