Monday, January 28, 2008

New Year, Fresh Look

A new face lift for my blog for the new year. It's about time for the change after 4 years of dull and boring look. To the frequent visitors, yup, don't look lost. This is still the same old blog. Just a title change not long ago and now a fresh layout. The blog should look cleaner now with less redundant posts. If you are looking for old postings, you can still find them in the archives section. With the bright and softer color tone, I hope readers have a pleasant time reading. As for the wonderful title picture, I will refresh it frequently with photos that I've captured from my life journey. So don't forget to check back often. If you have any comments, feedbacks or thoughts, don't hesitate to post it up here. Things like ads; I would like to know if they're annoying or not. Or perhaps you would like to read new contents apart from the boring flying postings. I will improve from that. Hopefully this blog will become more interactive.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day

It was the Aussie Day celebration on the 26th. The whole city was abuzz with activities, especially around Swan river. In the day, there were air shows, water activities, concerts and picnic/booze parties in the park; all leading up to the big event in the night. At 9pm, the city was lit up with a fantastic display of fireworks and pyrotechnics which lasted for 30 minutes. Although a lot better from the NYE display, it was still not up to the standard of fireworks in Asia that I've seen. Hopefully Perth can do better next year.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Good End, Bad Start

"Good things disappear fast while bad things leave bitter taste"

Oh great, a rant post to start off my blog for the new year. I had a wonderful year 2007 but the lowest point in my life last week for the start of 2008. I'm picking up the pieces and moving on. Hopefully I will see the sunshine and rainbow again in the later part of this year. Anyway, I would still like to wish all readers of my blog a Happy New Year 2008 and may you have a blessed year ahead.

More rantings...

Below are New Year's eve pictures from the city. But you can't see any celebrations in them. After dinner, we were walking down the streets in the city. Stages have been prepared and people started to gather at the area for street party and show performances. I bet it will be one great night. But some cry babies and old men started whining to go back to hostel. We left the area before the countdown and party even get started. Determined not to have a pathetic night back in the hostel, I followed 2 losers to another place while the rest headed back home. Whatever happened next was so pathetic that I don't want to write it here. The only consolation from that is I was able to catch fireworks from the distant and a less than 30-minute dance (no thanks to the el-cheapos again). I vow not to have all those cry babies, old men, losers and el-cheapos along in any of my future outings. Rather be selfish and spend the good time myself.

Wow, feels good to let off all the steam. Even though I call them losers, those are still my coursemates and some read my blog too. It's nothing personal and we're used to name callings. They are just unfortunate victims in this one and only rant post in my blog. Sorry guys, this time was my turn to return the favor, hehe.