Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Auckland, New Zealand (3)

On this trip, I made a boat trip to the iconic volcanic island of Auckland; the Rangitoto Island. This symmetrical volcano cone is clearly visible from the city area and probably the most photographed icon of Auckland; where pictures of it are widely circulated over the internet. It is a very young island formed by eruptions just over 600 years ago. Black lava stones where the lavas once flowed are clearly visible; thus giving the island distinctive black color in areas where the ground is still sterile to vegetation. The crater rim at the summit offers interesting sights. One can view the volcano opening, albeit being covered with cooled off molten rocks and mud surrounded by green vegetation. Around the rim, you can have a 360 panoramic view of Auckland and surroundings. Although not active anymore, future eruptions are still predicted to likely happen by scientists. So, visit this island at your own risk. If by chance I spot signs of smoke, I'll be the first one off the island considering the fact of recent earthquake in Christchurch and many more in other parts of the world this year. I ain't wanna be roasted.

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