Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Narita, Japan

I had a short stay in Narita which is just about 200km from the nuclear disaster zone in Fukushima. Japan is still reeling from the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Many tourists and foreigners are shunning the country for fears of radiation. It is evident when I walk the streets in Narita and also Tokyo on my subsequent trip. Tourist spots are eerily deserted. Businesses run as normal but I can see how hard it is on them when they don't get many customers. Yet the people here remained calm and resilient. It's a spirit not commonly found in other countries which rely on free handouts from their governments or spoiled brats who think living in luxury is their automatic right instead of earning it through hard work. A very good example will be a spoiled brat whom recently wrote to the paper in Singapore that she couldn't afford to stay in a $3-5 million condo in the posh area of Orchard and blames the government and the rich foreigners. Hello...you've got to earn it and not beg, miss. And you expect to land a $1 million salary job as a fresh graduate? Stupid. When you've earned it, you can buy and live in any shit hole you want on earth. And there are many other rich Singaporeans living in style in other countries. So do you want the locals there to blame them and burn their homes as well huh?

Anyway, Ganbaro Japan. The world is with you. May you rise again, and back stronger.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and some of the biggest stars on earth. This is where the films and movies being mass produced and sold to the world as American Dream. So what is this American Dream? Fast cars, posh Beverly Hills homes, sex, drugs and alcohol. Hollywood sure does know how to sell their movies and implant the American culture in every youth on earth. While I was here, Arnold Schwarzenegger was all over the news for breaking up with his beautiful wife because he was banging his old hag housekeeper. Yawnzzz...nothing new. Everyone is banging each other and I think it is a norm in their culture. This is the American dream and culture yo! If you ain't doin' it, then you ain't cool. Remember kids, you follow the American dream, you're gonna live dangerously and die young; just like MJ. After coming back from here, I only have one word in mind - "I'll...Be...Back...". Damn...even I couldn't resist the glitter of this Tinseltown. I'm gonna go back for the Universal Studios, the Disneyland and of course shopping spree. Now I understand why this flight into LA is called a charity fight despite the handsome pay. I just contributed to the economy revival of USA. And I'm not even a charitable person. =(

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4 looneys, 1 cool Mustang, and a stupid camera. Driving on the streets of LA in the middle of the night. The result = awesomeness.

Venice Beach, LA

The Grove; Hollywood Walk of Fame; Downtown LA

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tulip Mania: Spring in Holland

I am so blessed to be given a flight to Amsterdam during the best season of the year, Spring. Of all the places in Europe, the best place to be during this time of the year is of course Holland. Tulips at one point of a time during the Dutch Golden Age, was so crazily revered and sought after that it was worth more than gold and diamonds; thus leading to the popular phrase of "Tulip Mania". One tulip bulb is already so beautiful. Imagine that you are now swimming in the endless ocean of tulips while enjoying the blue skies and windmills as the picturesque background. The scene was so beautiful and forever etched in my memory. As this entry would normally be in my "Mini Travel Log" section, the beautiful landscape however made me feel like I'm already on a holiday; thus earning a place in the "Travel Diaries" section instead. Please enjoy the beautiful pictures from Holland below.

Amsterdam: Springtime Fun in the City

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Marken + Volendam + Zaanse Schans

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Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe

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