Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Cairo, Egypt

Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization so great and powerful that its legacy remained until today. The pyramids are the only "7 wonders of the ancient world" still remain on earth while the rest of the 6 were either destroyed along the falls of their empires or by earthquakes. The Egyptian civilization was even made popular by Hollywood films like The Mummy and its sequels. Sadly, not a single civilization can withstand the test of time and last forever. It is sad to see how such a great empire fall and degraded into a lowly modern Egypt. The modern day Egypt is so disorganized. Slums and shanty buildings are everywhere which take forever to complete. The residents simply left their rooftop unfinished to avoid paying property tax. That is why the whole city looked like an earthquake aftermath (except posh areas for rich people) with more ruins than a complete building. The streets are so chaotic and the drivers drive with their hands glued to their car horns, a scene so similar to India.

The pyramids and its surroundings had gone through terrible looting from their own people. The once magnificent pyramids were almost stripped clean of their limestone coverings to build houses and mosques in Cairo. The tombs and artifacts were not spared either. And then come the British and Westerners. They are the biggest thieves in this world. They looted almost all valuable artifacts for their private collections and so called public museums. The great Sphinx for example had its nose "robbed" off and now placed in British museum. Many more smaller Sphinxes and relics from the pyramids eventually ended up across the ocean on the western robbers' continents.

Taking photographs in the desert with the sun setting presents me with the opportunity to experiment with many different settings and creative post processing. The pictures turned out so breathtakingly surreal that even I myself was stunned when I looked at it for the first time. Some pictures even resembled scenes from another planet notably Mars. Enjoy the collection.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Beijing, China (2)

The Forbidden City aka Forbidden Palace in Beijing sounded like a sleazy place to me. It was indeed an imperial harem. The whole place is just a brothel in disguise for the horny emperors. If you were to stay in different concubine rooms each day, you need to take more than 3 years to have stayed in all the rooms. the amount of girls the horny emperor had to himself. And yet the folks last time believed the emperor is the son of God while he is having a whale of kinky time in the palace. Really unbelievable humans can be such simple minded. Even now, humans still fall into cults and wrong beliefs even when all the red flags are glaring in front of their face. There are so many crooks out there using the same old trick the emperor used centuries ago to cheat their followers in their cults.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Perfect Smile (2)

2 years ago, I decided to go for orthodontic treatment. Now, I have finally got the braces removed and achieved that perfect smile. I didn't do it for vanity but rather forced to do it reluctantly as my front tooth chipped due to insufficient space. If you would ask me about the experience, I'd say it wasn't nice, especially during the first few months. It was so uncomfortable that I wanted to remove it the very first day I had the braces on. To add to the woes, it was very painful for at least a week every time I go back for monthly adjustments. After some time, the braces eventually became part of my teeth. I don't feel pain anymore but still very cumbersome to have it on because food gets stuck all over the place after each meal. I smiled so much less for the past 2 years, because if I did, the people I talk to will automatically drawn towards the braces and leftover food on my teeth instead of looking at my eyes. It could be quite embarrassing at times.

Painful experience apart, if you ask me if it's worth it, then I'd say yes it was very worthwhile. The satisfaction only comes after the long process and removal of braces. In my honest advice and opinion to those interested to do it, do it only when you have no choice due to medical/hygiene reasons or you really have a Frankenstein mouth. Else, if you're just doing it for vanity or to perfect the already good teeth, then you'll be in for a huge disappointment and wastage of money.



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Mini Travel Log: San Francisco, USA (2)

For this trip, let me take you through a trip to the prison on the rock as a prisoner. This rock is famously named the Alcatraz and featured in many popular movies like X-Men, The Rock, and many more. This prison housed many hardcore criminals. Although it is marketed as no one escaped the prison before, prison breaks did happened before and a number of men escaped. Records only showed those who escaped were caught again or killed, but never mentioned those who were unaccounted for. They were presumed missing and died in the cold waters. I think those guys really made it to the mainland considering the close distance from the rock. Lucky bastards.

On this trip also another new beginning and "adventure" began. God really gives you surprises when you least expected it. So peeps out there, remember when you're down, always look up in the sky. The rain clouds will always clear up for a beautiful sky and rainbow at the end of the day. So keep on believing and smiling as good things do come to those who wait.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Hong Kong, China

I've flown to Hong Kong so many times. But none of it that I have the chance to step out from the airport. This time around, I have 2 days in Hong Kong. I made sure I spent my time well there without wasting a single minute. However, Hong Kong is just too good and I came to realize 2 days are not enough. I will definitely go there on my own holidays in the future.

The city is so beautiful especially at night. I regret not to bring out my camera to capture the moments. Clubbing in Lan Kwai Fong is really good. The crowds are crazy and beautiful, dancing till the wee hours on high club floors overlooking the city of lights. Down on the street clubs, it is even more happening. The only photo souvenir I carry home this time are photos of Big Buddha in Lantau Island on my first day in Hong Kong.

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