Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tulip Mania: Spring in Holland

I am so blessed to be given a flight to Amsterdam during the best season of the year, Spring. Of all the places in Europe, the best place to be during this time of the year is of course Holland. Tulips at one point of a time during the Dutch Golden Age, was so crazily revered and sought after that it was worth more than gold and diamonds; thus leading to the popular phrase of "Tulip Mania". One tulip bulb is already so beautiful. Imagine that you are now swimming in the endless ocean of tulips while enjoying the blue skies and windmills as the picturesque background. The scene was so beautiful and forever etched in my memory. As this entry would normally be in my "Mini Travel Log" section, the beautiful landscape however made me feel like I'm already on a holiday; thus earning a place in the "Travel Diaries" section instead. Please enjoy the beautiful pictures from Holland below.

Amsterdam: Springtime Fun in the City

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Marken + Volendam + Zaanse Schans

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Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe

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pp said...

Nice pictures. What camera model do you use?

hoongji said...

nikon d90

pp said...

Wow, I love nikon, I am using d7000..

Rollt said...

Great pics!