Saturday, September 06, 2008

Noosa: Roses On The Street

Everyday in and out, all I can see are senior citizens chilling out in the community club and playing lawn bowls. I've always been wondering where do youngsters hang out in Maroochydore. I got my answer when I visited Noosa; 30 minute bus ride up north from here. Even along the way, the bus slowly picks up more and more youngsters until full bus load when stopping at the last stop in Noosa. The streets are literally filled with young locals and tourists alike. I must say the girls here are hot and dressed to kill. What a refreshing sight! Boutiques are aplenty along Hastings Street. Next to the street is the beach, filled with beach goers. Further right is the Noosa National Park, featuring paths to virgin beaches and untouched jungle. The path leads to Boiling Pot, a spectacular viewing area of the Pacific Ocean; and then passes Dolphin Point and ends at a steep 50m ravine into the sea called Hell's Gate. Entrance to hell? Scary stuff. According to the tourist information guide, dolphins and whales can be spotted here. Unfortunately I couldn't spot any of them. But I got to see koalas clinging on the eucalyptus trees. In the evening, I headed to Noosaville to watch sunset along Noosa river. Restaurants, cafés, motels and resorts line the Gympie Terrace esplanade along the river. I had a sumptuous dinner here before calling it a night and headed back to the old boring Maroochydore town of mine.

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640 said...

so koalas r available anywhere over there like the monkeys over here huh? interesting. reading ur blog is like travelling with u man :) will keep on checking ur blog when i need a vacation haha