Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Tokyo, Japan (2)

More than 6 months after the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster, life is almost back to normal here in Tokyo. There is no more strong aftershocks and power cuts. At night, buildings and landmarks are lighted up back to their former glory. While tourists are still shunning away from Tokyo, the local businesses are badly affected until the government has to give away 10,000 free air ticket to attract tourists back to Japan.

While the world news are fanning panic and exaggerating things, the actual situation here is very calm and normal. The atmosphere is so peaceful and the place is as beautiful as ever. While strolling in the beautiful Hama Rikyu Garden nearby Tsukiji Market, I can see life goes on for the people here. They remained calm and resilient as they try to rebuild the country and deal with the nuclear crisis.

So now you know the actual situation, let's put down your thinking cap and plan your next Sakura trip to Japan. This is the opportunity to have a cheap but great holiday. And it will be even better if you manage to get the free air ticket giveaway. "Minasan yokoso nihon!"

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