Monday, July 06, 2009

Ride With The Waves

Henderson Waves, is a bridge connecting Mt. Faber and Telok Blangah Hill park. This beautifully crafted bridge resembles the ocean waves, blending perfectly into the lush forest greens and parks nearby. This place is quite secluded and isolated, therefore not well known even to the locals. A must visit for nature lovers. For those more adventurous, complete the full 9km trail starting from Mt. Faber to West Coast Park which brings you through thick jungles and numerous themed parks rich in flora. If roller blades and skate boards are allowed at this bridge, I bet it's going to be the most exciting place on earth. With all the unique curves, imagine the crazy and extreme stunts one can do; hanging 26-storey high up in mid air.

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Marina Barrage, another man-made structure recently completed and open to the public. It is actually a dam blocking out the river from the sea, thus creating another fresh water reservoir for the thirsty Singaporeans. I'm really amazed on how clever the authorities are that came up with this plan of turning it into an attraction for tourists. And I must say this place IS beautiful. The huge grass lawn is perfect for picnic; while watching the sunset of the city from the distant. Unfortunately it's scorching hot in Singapore, so you won't see many people picnicking in the day. Therefore, the people have night picnic instead. What a genius. It's wonderful to see the full moon and the brightly lit city being reflected on the water, as well as the walk across the beautifully lit dam which resembles an airport runway.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Autumn in Singapore

Continuing on with my photography journey around Singapore; here are the new series taken with creative filters and experimental techniques. I had a great outing with my friend to Keppel Bay, Sentosa and Mt. Faber. Inspired by the work of a photographer in infra red photography, I managed to recreate an autumn feeling in one of my picture. I like that picture very much and I certainly love the technique too as it opens the door to endless possibilities in a picture.

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