Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Narita, Japan

I had a short stay in Narita which is just about 200km from the nuclear disaster zone in Fukushima. Japan is still reeling from the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Many tourists and foreigners are shunning the country for fears of radiation. It is evident when I walk the streets in Narita and also Tokyo on my subsequent trip. Tourist spots are eerily deserted. Businesses run as normal but I can see how hard it is on them when they don't get many customers. Yet the people here remained calm and resilient. It's a spirit not commonly found in other countries which rely on free handouts from their governments or spoiled brats who think living in luxury is their automatic right instead of earning it through hard work. A very good example will be a spoiled brat whom recently wrote to the paper in Singapore that she couldn't afford to stay in a $3-5 million condo in the posh area of Orchard and blames the government and the rich foreigners. Hello...you've got to earn it and not beg, miss. And you expect to land a $1 million salary job as a fresh graduate? Stupid. When you've earned it, you can buy and live in any shit hole you want on earth. And there are many other rich Singaporeans living in style in other countries. So do you want the locals there to blame them and burn their homes as well huh?

Anyway, Ganbaro Japan. The world is with you. May you rise again, and back stronger.

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