Sunday, July 20, 2008

Have a rod? Go fishing. Have a ball? Go bowling

Here I am, blogging on a lazy sunny Sunday; from Mudjimba, Maroochydore. I just got here 2 weeks ago to start my 3 month advanced jet training. Flying the sleek executive business jet (Learjet 45) is everyone's dream but not all can realise that dream. I'm grateful my dream is a reality now. (Pictures courtesy of KH)

Maroochydore lies about 100km north of Brisbane. In this boring little town, life is very simple. Not particular great for a restless youngster like me. Everyone goes fishing or lawn bowling; but definitely not my cup of tea. Only consolation to my misery is the beach. But then again, the sun sets over the land and not the ocean. Not a great view either.

I stay by the stagnant river. No fish to catch here. But many ducks to feed. Eating out is expensive and I cook most of the time. My dishes are not mouth watering but will definitely improve by the time I leave this place. Nothing much to do indoor except cooking, watching TV, playing DOTA and study up a bit for the next flight. Oh, and there's a big cockpit picture of the jet in my house. That's where I normally sit down with my buddy to practice on our flights.