Monday, August 08, 2011

Paris: The City of Romance

City of Romance? Or a city of funny weather? Heatwave during summer is a thing of past. Mini winter in summer is the current trend. It had been cloudy for the past weeks. When it drizzles and the wind howls, temperature easily dips below 15 deg celcius. At times, it can be very chilly. I had to wear jacket during daytime in the middle of summer season. The weather changes very quickly too. In few moments, the sky clears up to reveal the sun and blue sky, but another wall of clouds move in quickly to cover up the whole sky again.

I have to give it up to the French to be able to sell Paris as the most popular honeymoon destination on earth. Every single love birds, couples and newlyweds would die for a honeymoon here at least once in their lifetime. But what are the essences that make Paris as the City of Romance? Many people will just say it's the Eiffel Tower, the charming French guys; or all those passionate kissing scenes in Paris that the TV and media show to the audiences. Having spent a lovely honeymoon here with my wife, I'd say people have got it all wrong. It isn't the Eiffel Tower, nor kissing everywhere in Paris that makes it romantic. You can create a City of Romance in any other parts of the world, not just Paris. It is about the things you do and quality time you spend together doing it - that matters. So you and your lover could have a romantic boat dinner. While passing by the Eiffel Tower, you'll just grab her by the waist and then swoop down for a passionate kiss under the beautiful lights of Paris and the Eiffel. Now that's what I call City of Romance. =D
(Disclaimer: I shall not be held liable if it backfires and you get a slap in return. hehe)

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