Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Singapore Zoo

I have been to the Singapore Zoo a couple of times. But I did not have a camera to take some shots last time. This time, I brought along a camera but I discovered it is really hard to take some nice pictures and animal shots. I do not possess a long zoom lens. Most of the animals like to hide in their own secluded corner which is very far from the spectators. I was expecting to see the polar bears again but found out that they were actually relocated to an off-public temporary shelter because their old shelter is too small which caused stress to the bears. Sadly, few days after I visited the zoo and thought of the bears, a sad news reported that the mother polar bear Sheba had died, leaving her son Inuka alone. The other big attraction coming up in the zoo is the newly arrived panda bears of Jia Jia and Kai Kai. Unfortunately it is not open to the public until the 29th November. The zoo is now hosting private viewings for some organizations which left me and some other visitors disappointed who had thought we could have the chance to see them as well instead of "special" treatment to the privileged first.

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