Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is home for the famous Little Mermaid. After away for months in Shanghai for the World Expo, the Little Mermaid is back to her home and to the very spot she sat for almost a century. While her name is famous worldwide, she is actually not so large in real. She is a very small statue, only 1.2m high. Many visitors will be taken aback when see her for the first time, for they expect a grand statue for such larger than life name.

Copenhagen city itself is very similar to that of Amsterdam of Holland. However, it is bigger than the latter. And of course more beautiful, cleaner and free of cannabis smoke which can give an pleasant experience for visitors in Amsterdam. They also have the changing of royal guards similar to that of London. Like the Vatican City in Rome, it also has a city within city, called Christiania. This unrecognized city is home for hippies, homeless, gangs and druggies. As much as the city tries to be friendly to visitors from outside, it is still very uncomfortable to walk alone, getting suspicious stares from gangs and punks; whom enforces the no photography law. Even though the city proudly displays their no drug trade policy, open cannabis trade is rampant.

Visitors looking for amusement fun can head to Tivoli Gardens for the thrills of height and speed. This park just celebrated its 168th anniversary. Don't be fooled by its age, for the rides are extremely thrilling or you can chill in this beautiful park itself which opens till late night. The best ride in the park is the Vertigo, which puts you in the hot seat of a fighter plane doing insane rolls and pulling incredible G forces which can black out the unprepared.

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