Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Travel Log: New Delhi, India

Namaskar, welcome to India, land of many spices. New Delhi is the capital of India. People here are generally courteous and friendly. However, pollution has taken its toll on the city and litters are everywhere. Gone were the days of clear blue skies. Everyday, the air is choked with haze and smoke. The streets of India are NOISY!!! All drivers have their hands glued to the car horn. They abused the horn like nobody's business. I think driving while honking is a requirement to pass a driving test in India.

I made a very quick visit to the India Gate which was built to honor the 90,000 Indian soldiers killed in WW1. Wow, I didn't know India was so much involved in the war which was so far away in Europe. A walk up to the west along the wide boulevard brought me to Rashtrapati Bhawan, official residence of the President of India. The parliament (Sansad Bhawan) and goverment buildings are in the vicinity. Time was not on my side as I had to leave early. The markets, slums and Taj Mahal will be in my itinerary on my next visit. Byebye India.

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