Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mini Travel Log: Beijing, China

My hotel is just next to the Olympic Park where the Bird's Nest and Water Cube are located. I was all excited like a kid and ready to go out when my cab pulled up at the hotel entrance. Entrance to the park itself is free but there is a fee to go into the Bird's Nest. The Water Cube is fenced up and looked abandoned. It is very sad to see such huge sports complexes not utilized for sports activities and left to collect dust. And it is definitely a huge waste of money on maintenance. In the evening, I visited Tiananmen Square. Unfortunately, the sun was already setting when I reached the place. The winds were howling and temperature dipped to minus 6 degree celcius. I didn't stay there for long to be a snowman. I will return next time to explore more and enter the Forbidden City. On my way back, I passed by the Olympic Park again. The place was beautifully lit up with illumination, especially the Water Cube. Definitely worth to check out for those who love night scenes.

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