Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Beijing, China (2)

The Forbidden City aka Forbidden Palace in Beijing sounded like a sleazy place to me. It was indeed an imperial harem. The whole place is just a brothel in disguise for the horny emperors. If you were to stay in different concubine rooms each day, you need to take more than 3 years to have stayed in all the rooms. That...is the amount of girls the horny emperor had to himself. And yet the folks last time believed the emperor is the son of God while he is having a whale of kinky time in the palace. Really unbelievable humans can be such simple minded. Even now, humans still fall into cults and wrong beliefs even when all the red flags are glaring in front of their face. There are so many crooks out there using the same old trick the emperor used centuries ago to cheat their followers in their cults.

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