Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Gladiators: Rome + Vatican + Venice

It was very unfortunate to arrive into Rome during their national strike day. It was a total chaos. Subways and many other public transportation were crippled. The country is already on the brink of bankruptcy after Greece, and yet the people still want to protest when their Government cuts the benefit spending; further crippling the economy. My honeymoon holiday was nearly ruined as I had such a hard time trying to find alternative ways to get into the main train station. Hours and hours passed with no trains in sight. By the time I reached the main station, I had to run for my life to catch the connecting train to Venice.

Once my wife and I reached the beautiful Venice, all our worries were gone as we were charmed by the beauty of this water city. Forget Paris, as Venice is voted as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe by The New York Times and Times Online. This water city is said to be sinking due to the rising water level. So do mark it in your future honeymoon itinerary before it goes underwater. Spend your most romantic moments in the gondola cruising down the canals with the gondolier singing "O Sole Mio".


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Back to the capital Rome, we had the feel of being a Gladiator. This was the center of the great Roman Empire. This city is filled with ancient Roman architectures and ruins to explore. We climbed hills, beat the heat and braved the traffic, just to squeeze every available minute to explore many places as possible. Not bad for a modern day Gladiators eh? =D

In this city also lies another city, The Vatican. This special little city is actually a country itself by definition. It has its own government headed by the Pope. It also has its own security forces, the charming Swiss Guards. Yup you heard it right girls. They are charming Swiss nationals, young age between 19-30 and well built. Go and grab your dream guy now. Fancy being an Italian citizen? Then you can if you're holy enough to be appointed to work in the Vatican. You'll be granted Vatican citizenship. Once your terms of work ends, you'll automatically get the Italian citizenship if you have renounced your original country citizenship while inside the Vatican.

Rome + Vatican

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