Friday, March 11, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Munich, Germany (2)

What will a person do on a cold day? Snugging beside a fireplace and sipping warm coffee would be perfect. Unfortunately for a restless person like me, I just couldn't sit still. On a freezing cold morning, I got out from the hotel to brave the cold. Bad decision. I couldn't stand it and ended up in a warm restaurant. I had one of the best Bratwurst for my lunch. Feeling warm and comfortable now, I decided to change my sight-seeing plans into indoor activities. So I headed to the BMW showroom and museum for some fantasy shopping. If I cannot afford one, at least I was there to touch and smell the leather seats.

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The BMW Mega Challenge: To all the Beemer fanboys out there; it's time for you to prove your worth. See if you can identify all the models in this album. =D

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A very cool show from moving balls.

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