Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Year Anniversary

Time flies. 22nd June was my first year anniversary in SIA. Those interviews, OBS and ground school days back in SG are still fresh in my mind. With a blink of an eye, I am now here in Jandakot, into my second half of flying training.

My course (we fondly call it C121) celebrated the anniversary with a bang. The original plan was to have BBQ. But the weather fouled up. So the boys brought the cooking indoor. Instead of grills and charcoals, all our food ended up in pots and pans. All C121 gatherings are never complete without booze. But it will also always end up with a few drunks, bunch of sobers and one helluva noisy night in the hostel. That night was no exception. One started with a prank, a minute later, baby powders and sunscreen lotions go flying in the air. Johan was going around with his rubber stamp, stamping on others gleefully. I remember that stamp on my head you bastard, haha. Timmy the drunkard was in cloud nine and took all the flaks and pranks as usual. Someone was stripped as well. If you are reading this, next time don't resist. Resistance is futile. Muahaha!!! There goes your pants.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

P1 check: Cleared

10th June, 2007 was indeed another day to be remembered. I got a last minute call for flight on Sunday. Hastily, I finished up my laundry and rushed to the ops room. I took the aircraft (VH-YXV) up with instructor for my Phase 1 check. That was the test to assess my general flying abilities and procedures. After an agonizing long stretch to my Phase 1, it has finally come to an end. I am now in Phase 2 and can fly cross crounty navigation. This is real fun. I will be able to fly to the countryside and enjoy the nice sceneries.