Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Salzburg, Austria

Flying on my birthday is not cool. And arriving to a foreign place alone on Valentine's day makes it even sadder. Since I couldn't sleep and missed my fiancee badly, I decided to take some fresh air outside and hopped on a train to cross the border from Germany to Salzburg, Austria. This small romantic town was where the classical movie "Sound of Music" filmed. If you grew up in the 80s, you'd probably be able to recognize many places here from the film as you've watched it countless of times while singing along to the music of Do-Re-Mi. In this town too, a great music composer was born by the name of Mozart who brought wonderful music to this world. Along with him, another great scientist by the name of Doppler was born and lived here as well. Comparing to many other places in Europe, this is one of the romantic town that you must visit with your loved ones or for your honeymoon. The charm of this town will definitely melt the hearts. Visit during the summer for the best view and to relive your "Sound of Music".

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