Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mini Travel Log: Shanghai, China

My second destination to China; Shanghai. It was a very short stay for me and I didn't have enough time to explore. And I STILL haven't get the chance to see pandas yet (Grrr!!!!). Well, I was very impressed with the world class infrastructures in Shanghai. It is really a metropolitan city which is on par with any Western cities. However, the mentality of the people is still very much third world, especially when you see how the devils drive on the road dangerously. And yeah, the people here still spit everywhere. The city is so polluted that even on a clear sky with bright sun, the light couldn't penetrate the layer of pollutants. I wonder how they can achieve long life expectancy while living in such conditions. Constructions are ongoing everywhere in the city and at the time of this writing, the walk down the famous "Bund" of Shanghai where old colonial buildings are is closed. I was actually quite disappointed when I got there. Went to the other side of the river to see the Oriental Pearl Tower. Here, constructions of mega buildings are ongoing as well. On my next return, I will go out at night instead to avoid the smog and to capture nicer pictures. Oh yeah, I need someone to remind me to visit the pandas too. :P

Last post for the year of 2009. I wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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