Friday, October 11, 2013

Mini Travel Log: Rome, Italy

Although this is the second time I visit Rome, this city has never failed to impress me. This is the only city in Europe which is different from the rest of the typical Europe cities. The magnificent and grandeur of the Roman architecture makes the difference. So many structures and buildings not only they are grand and beautiful, they also withstood the test of times. Many structures are more than 2000 years old. It leaves an awe in every tourist. While the new city is built on top of the old, some structures have gone underground. There are numerous excavations in the city to dig up the past and every year, there are numerous new discoveries of the old Roman ruins that tell the story of the great Roman empire. If you are planning a Europe trip, skip a few of those boring European cities but never miss out Rome. All roads lead to Rome so make sure you come here too to relive your own Gladiator days and go home with a story to tell.

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