Sunday, July 10, 2016

S’pore taxi uncle returns laptop bag with $235,500 cash to drunk Thai passenger

If you are here regarding the taxi driver, then let yourself do your own conclusion. SMRT said they are investigating the case more than 2 months ago. With the current state of the art GPS logging, an immediate answer would be found in a day. But there was no news regarding the investigation until now. SMRT is presumed to let this embarrassing episode slide and fade away. Whoever faked the story, be it taxi driver or BCL, it doesn't matter. It's a reminder to readers not to believe everything they read from the Internet. Many online news are faked and sensationalized. Some are out there to sow hatred while vile website admins earn free ad money from your senseless clicking and sharing. Some are even setup to bait you into liking their FB or website, but in the background they phish all your personal data; either to sell or for criminal activities.

If you're here from external website, then you'll probably know the whole saga. Original CSI materials on this blog have been made private now as this is not the main purpose of this blog. The Internet should have an archive of this content somewhere. You can find it for any further research on your own.