Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Christchurch, New Zealand (3)

I am so thankful for the earthquake happened right after I touched down at the airport. At a magnitude of 5.5, the airport buildings were shaking. But sitting in the big aircraft while getting off the runway, all of us didn't feel a thing and lucky to be away from the building as things could have fallen onto our heads.

With the double major shock and countless of other small tremors, Christchurch city is devastated now. Most parts in the city had already been locked down, beyond salvage, and needed to be rebuilt. To be safe, we were put up in a resort away from the city. This resort is called the Peppers Clearwater Resort and it is such a paradise considering the devastation around Christchurch. The staffs were as cheerful as ever despite the nightmares they had gone through. I really have to give it up to them and the people of Japan who had gone through similar tragedies.

This resort is so beautiful and peaceful; perfect for the family. There is a beautiful lake outside the balcony where you can BBQ while enjoying the sunset. For the golf lovers, you can play here while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

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pp said...

If there is an earthquake just about 10 seconds before touch down, how will the runway appear to you? Shaking?

hoongji said...

by just looking at the runway, i don't think we can see it shaking. because we may think the aircraft is shaking instead. we will only realize it is an earthquake if the runway starts cracking up and warping.

pp said...

oh dear.....