Friday, March 29, 2013

Sakura 2013, Tokyo

This year, many people would end up feeling disappointed if they had booked their sakura tour to Japan based on the bloom forecast from previous years. Due to global warming, this year's winter was exceptionally warmer and spring came very early. Sakura in Tokyo bloomed at least 2 weeks earlier than forecast. Now, the flowers would already been falling off. By the time visitors reach there with their tour groups next week, they would be fuming mad because what's left for them to see is just green leaves. Even though not expecting to see the full bloom initially, I was there at the peak bloom period due to this global warming. Ueno park is always the best place to see sakura in Tokyo. It doesn't have nice landscape like the Shinjuku Gyoen or other parks, but the trees here are very old. The older and more mature the trees are, the whiter and denser flowers they bloom. Because this park is free, it could get very crowded especially during the weekends.

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Because I brought my camera this time, I also have the chance to finally shoot the Gundam in high resolution. Gundam lovers, check out who I found beside the gigantic robot.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mini Travel Log: Windsor, UK

This royal town is home to the Windsor Castle which still being used as working castle and sometimes the residential palace for Queen Elizabeth. Situated just about 40 minutes train ride from London and next to Heathrow Airport, this beautiful royal town is the most popular tourist spot apart from London itself. Should you visit this castle, you should plan to reach here before 11am so you can watch the changing of the guard before exploring the rest of the majestic castle. The castle visit is worth every penny as you'd be awed by the grandeur inside the castle itself. Photography is not allowed inside the royal rooms but you'd bring away wonderful memories nonetheless. In the late afternoon, you can always explore the royal town of Windsor itself. If you bring kids along, there is also shuttle bus services to the nearby Legoland. Else you can spend a romantic day in the town having a-cuppa English tea while admiring the beautiful surroundings.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Mini Travel Log: London, UK (5)

It is a rare opportunity to get nice weather in London. Most of my times in London were spent on not so good and sometimes rainy weather. I love to see the sun and clear blue skies. So even after my tiring flight, I fought the fatigue and went out. I walked down Thames river while enjoying the nice cool weather. Further down the river after the London Eye, I discovered the busking street which leads down the river all the way till Tower Bridge. Here you can see all kinds of street performers and buskers showcasing their trade of arts and skills. The most notable one that I found is the fiery tuba player. He plays music while blowing out fire from his tuba while sitting on his antique music player.

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