Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time Lapse: East Coast, Singapore

I was bored and decided to do something weird. I set up my tripod and camera by the window and started clicking away. Not for a minute, but literally from the afternoon until night! Luckily with the help of automation, I managed to hook up a remote timer to help me do the job. Else I will be stoning by the window. What I did was actually time lapse photography where I stitched thousands of pictures taken in a span of few hours to make into a movie. The result turned out great. Enjoy the time lapse photography of East Coast, Singapore in high definition below. Remember to choose HD (720p) for best viewing experience.

Check out my inspirational videos below made by professional time lapse photographers. It reminds me how small we humans are compared to the planet and how beautiful the Mother Nature is.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mini Travel Log: San Francisco, USA

If you have watched X-Men: The Last Stand, then you'll remember how the famous Golden Gate Bridge was literally pulled off by Magneto to be used as his personal bridge towards Alcatraz Island. Welcome to San Francisco. This city is featured too many times in many movies and is so internationally well-known. It has become a top international tourist destination. The Golden Gate Bridge itself is an iconic structure that no visitors will leave without seeing it. The Alcatraz island also draws millions of visitors in a year alone. Then there are the famous cable cars/trams weaving around the famous downhill paths towards Fisherman's Wharf and the bay area. The Chinatown is also one of the largest and most densely populated by Chinese in North America. I was very lucky to be there on the weekend and caught a great show of dragon/lion dances. West side of the city has degraded into a ghetto and is not recommended for tourists. Further west is the mostly deserted Japantown, when most Japanese were taken away to the camps during World War 2. Turning south from here is the hippies' town; where many Victorian houses are left to decay while the hippies moved in. Among the thrash are the row of freshly "Painted Ladies"; one of the few restored Victorian houses now becoming a tourist attraction. Sausalito is up north across the Golden Gate Bridge. This place is definitely a place for the rich and famous. Bungalows and luxury cars dot the hills overlooking the scenic bay.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Maldives (2)

Having the chance to be on the last few flights to Male on the B777 (before being taken over by A330), I counted myself lucky and made sure I don't miss the beautiful sunset this time. Even though tired as hell, I dragged myself out from the bed to the beach for the most wonderful sight in my life ever. I was able to witness Mother Nature herself painting a masterpiece artwork in the sky. I always wondered why people draw rings on the sun. Now I know the answer as the sun slowly unveiled its full glory as it was setting over the beautiful beach of Male.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Sydney, Australia

Many crews love to call this place "Shitney"; because of the lousy operating hours; which I presume they couldn't find time for their "LV" shoppings and couldn't get enough of their beauty sleep. I beg to differ. This fine city is one of the best city in Australia that I've visited. There are just too many world class landmarks like the Opera House, Harbor Bridge and old English buildings. Also too many fantastic attraction sites like Bondi Beach and scenic lookout points which I really couldn't visit them all during my short stay. I rate this city as a "must visit" for any tourists who love a world class metropolis with a blend of world class architectures and landmarks; surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and attraction sites. Not forgetting the fashions, shoppings and cultural events. I myself couldn't wait to have another chance to visit this city again. Perhaps the only thing which I can relate Sydney to "Shitney" is the weather. Any cold fronts or depression blown from the Antarctica will bring endless rains for days. I was very unfortunate to arrive right smack in the gloomy and wet weather. I've wasted one day in the hotel due to the rains. And because of that I've missed out the largest nude parade at the Opera House which the news claimed the highest form of art and show of humanity. Whether art or just sleazy, I was quite disappointed to have missed it as events like this don't really happen everyday, more so back in the Asian countries.

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Anyway, here's the link to the nude parade for those who are "curious". Warning: PG content.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kota Tinggi Waterfall

It takes about an hour drive from JB city to the waterfall. This waterfall was once open free to the public. Damn right it should be as it is a natural forest. Unfortunately, some people with "connection" managed to stake their claim on the waterfall and set up entrance fee. What a shame! The hefty fee charged does not reflect the service and attractions being offered. Water slides are old and rusty. Toilets are dirty and not maintained. Basically it's mother nature being destroyed. We had to take a forbidden path and hike up to the upper waterfall; the only place left untouched. Although the hike was dangerous, it was a rewarding effort. Had a couple of fun moments up there while enjoying the beautiful and serene nature. Thanks to jonsern once again for being a great host for the second time.

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