Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Travel Log: Cairo, Egypt

Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization so great and powerful that its legacy remained until today. The pyramids are the only "7 wonders of the ancient world" still remain on earth while the rest of the 6 were either destroyed along the falls of their empires or by earthquakes. The Egyptian civilization was even made popular by Hollywood films like The Mummy and its sequels. Sadly, not a single civilization can withstand the test of time and last forever. It is sad to see how such a great empire fall and degraded into a lowly modern Egypt. The modern day Egypt is so disorganized. Slums and shanty buildings are everywhere which take forever to complete. The residents simply left their rooftop unfinished to avoid paying property tax. That is why the whole city looked like an earthquake aftermath (except posh areas for rich people) with more ruins than a complete building. The streets are so chaotic and the drivers drive with their hands glued to their car horns, a scene so similar to India.

The pyramids and its surroundings had gone through terrible looting from their own people. The once magnificent pyramids were almost stripped clean of their limestone coverings to build houses and mosques in Cairo. The tombs and artifacts were not spared either. And then come the British and Westerners. They are the biggest thieves in this world. They looted almost all valuable artifacts for their private collections and so called public museums. The great Sphinx for example had its nose "robbed" off and now placed in British museum. Many more smaller Sphinxes and relics from the pyramids eventually ended up across the ocean on the western robbers' continents.

Taking photographs in the desert with the sun setting presents me with the opportunity to experiment with many different settings and creative post processing. The pictures turned out so breathtakingly surreal that even I myself was stunned when I looked at it for the first time. Some pictures even resembled scenes from another planet notably Mars. Enjoy the collection.

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