Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Travel Log: Cairo, Egypt (2)

Just when we thought the dust has settled in Egypt after the uprising against dictator Hosni Mubarak, violence flared again in the capital city Cairo. On the eve of departure from Dubai to Cairo, I have watched the news on TV about the deaths of few protestors in Tahrir Square. And the reason for their deaths? Some government officials threw stones from the government buildings where the protestors had been staging sit-ins for months. How absurd and stupid was that?

Due to the violence and uncertainties, I had planned to bunker down in the hotel once I reach Cairo. I travel light and did not bring my DSLR camera; which turned out to be a little regret for me. To my surprise, Cairo was relatively calm. The ever familiar face of the airline's favorite tour guide was there to great us with his usual smile. He assured us that the violence is only confined to the city area. And so I joined my happening colleagues for tours to the Nile river and pyramids. It turned out to be a fantastic tour.

Going out without my big "gun" made me feel so naked. However, my ever-ready Samsung Galaxy S2 came to the rescue. Looking back at all the fantastic shots taken by this phone, I'm proud and very happy to own this best phone. If I were to hold an Iphone, I would throw it into the pyramid tombs for the pharaohs. Its' pictures are good only on small resolution. Hey, we live in the world of HD now. Iphone is totally obsolete in this department. I've also captured a few movie clips in HD resolution using the Galaxy S2. Results? A+++

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