Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winter Tulip, Is That Possible?

This year, global warming really wrecked havoc to the world's weather ecosystem. While the Far East experienced early and very warm spring, the West were pounded with snow even in the late months of March/April. Weather is still freezing cold as of this posting which is already coming to the month of May. I returned to Holland earlier this month hoping to see beautiful tulip fields all over the landscape. To my disappointment, I only got to see dirt fields stretching far and beyond. The weather was so cold and no flower is ready to spring from the ground in such harsh conditions. The famous Keukenhof Gardens tried their best to please visitors by putting some potted tulips grown from the greenhouse around the huge garden. But I pity those tulips as it was trying so hard to survive in such cold weather. Luckily my trip was not wasted as they managed to grow beautiful tulips inside their huge greenhouse and opened it for visitors. I spent almost all my time indoor rather than outdoor to admire the tulips and also partly to escape the cold temperature outside.

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For those interested to know how it looks like during the full tulip bloom, you can also check out my previous trip here: Tulip Mania, 2011

I have also returned to Zaanse Schans to visit the windmills, but on my own time own target instead of joining bus tours. I finally had the chance to explore all the windmills without rushing. You can easily take Bus 391 from the Amsterdam Central Station and alight directly in front of Zaanse Schans at the last stop. Both return tickets can be purchased on board the bus. If I'm not mistaken, it's 8 euro for 2-way.

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