Monday, April 16, 2007

First solo

The day was Friday 13th. Many superstitious people are afraid of this unlucky day. However for me, being born on the 13th, I have always considered the number 13 as my lucky one. And it was in this year as well. It was the day I cleared my very first solo flying after some unfortunate 'events' and the long wait months ago. Taking off on the Cessna 172 marked VH-LTM, everything went perfectly well and the instructor seemed pleased. I was cleared to go solo on the 5th run and it was really unexpected. Taking off again this time being alone, the feeling was different as there was no instructor on the next seat to talk with and to take over control in case of actual emergency. The sudden quietness can be quite eerie at times. I kept my cool and flew the plane the way I was taught and normally fly. I brought the plane back for a perfect landing with a soft touch on the main wheels and then slowly bringing down the nose wheel. It was a great relieve and joy as well. Soon after, congratulation calls were heard on the radio coming from the control tower and fellow cadets on another plane following behind. Thank god it was Friday and there was a welcoming party for juniors back in the hostel. What a perfect set up for me to celebrate the long awaited solo clearance. Off I go, back to the hostel to grab a couple of beer. Whatever happened next, I could not recall anymore. Haha!