Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Melbourne, Australia (3)

Many tourists don't realize there are beaches in Melbourne. Port Phillip Bay is a large bay which is connected to the Southern Ocean through a small opening called "the Rip". Because of this, many people thought it is a lake instead. You'll be surprised to find the water salty and dolphins living here. If you are adventurous, don't spend too much time in the boring Melbourne CBD areas. Take a tram or a train to Brighton Beach or St. Kilda. Along Brighton Beach, you'll be able to see rows of colorful bathing boxes which are printed in postcards found all over the world. North of Brighton is St. Kilda. Spend your weekend here with your family in the classic amusement park, featuring the wooden roller coaster. Take a stroll down the historic pier which stretches about half a mile out to the bay and enjoy the sunset. If you are hungry, there are many restaurants serving international cuisines to satisfy your taste bud.

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