Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Highly reflective safety vest

Wow, check out my housemate's safety vest. Looks cool eh? It's highly reflective and quality built. Made in the UK. The Rescue 991 tag on the shirt makes the vest even cooler. By the way, my housemate is a member of Rescue 991. That's how the tag comes around.

Hehe, check out my other housemate on the vest with helmet. Looks like an astronaut.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New blog song: Mizu no Akashi

Heard this song from the Gundam Seed Destiny anime and i quite like it. So decided to post it up here for your listening. It's called Mizu no Akashi sang by Rie Tanaka.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

PC fair

As usual, i made my annual pilgrimage to PC fair held in PWTC. This is where we can get good bargains on computer peripherals and printers but definitely not for computer systems. As this is more like a place for dealers to clear old stocks, it is not advisable to buy computer systems from them as they might bundle outdated and old stocks. However, if you're looking for tech gadgets, this the place as they normally launch and promote here.

On my way in, i saw a sports car owned by Pendrive, a company selling thumb drives.

One of the highlight in PC fair is the launching of Creative's new Zen MP3 player. This player is to compete with Apple's Ipod with many similar cool features. The Creative's booth is an attraction with displays of their range of products, not forgetting the Creative babes ever willing to show you the Zen player and let you test it.

Here are some stuffs i bought from PC fair. The Canon Pixma printers are selling cheap with many free gifts. The printer itself (Pixma iP3000) is very impressive as i can print high quality borderless photos. I don't need to print my digital photos from shops anymore as i can print at home now. I'm very satisfied with the printer after using it for a few days. I also bought a drum of CD-Rs while my friends bought some refill inks and thumb drive.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Hitz.fm cruiser

Just an hour ago, the Hitz.fm cruiser with Motomobile cruiser are in Serdang. I've won some cool freebies from them. And i even got a ticket to the Asia Motorsport Festival in Sepang for 3 days. Cool! I'm going there to snap some nice exotic sport cars and catch the hot racing actions.

Happy birthday

Celebrated an early birthday for my housemate yesterday. Happy birthday Jonsern! Had a nice and wonderful dinner. Not forgetting the delicious birthday cake.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Raya open house...again

Just after a Raya open house on Friday, today i went to yet another open house in Seremban. The foods are really tasty. I ate so much in 4 hours stretch non-stop till my stomach nearly burst.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Today went to Kelana Jaya for swimming. Also happened that today is the football finals between Kedah and Perlis in Bukit Jalil. Got stuck in a very bad jam. Took us 1 hour just to reach our destination. Check out the bored driver's face below.

After swimming, we decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut. Only 4 of us but we ordered set meals for 6! Greedy us. Check out the stack of soup bowls i've emptied.

Haha...check out this building. Guess what building is this. Shinchan should be very familiar with this.