Thursday, May 24, 2007

A walk in the park with "Celebrities"

I used to have a german shepherd dog in the family when I was young. But we had to give it away due to lack of space and time for the dog. Since then, I didn't have much encounter with dogs. Always wanted to rear one, but it is impossible at this moment. So most of the time I just admire the dogs from far away especially during dog shows. Yesterday, my roommate brought me along to visit a friend of his, here in Perth. She has a golden retriever (my favorite dog) and 2 collies. I was up close with "Datin", "Georgia" and "Sherrie". It was a fun afternoon walking the dogs to the park and playing with them. The dogs are a real active bunch. I was exhausted in the end. We ended the day with dinner near Canning Bridge in a chinese restaurant named after my hometown, Ipoh. They served the Ipoh specialty "hor fun" (some kinda noodle) and it was quite good. I was happy too because I got to taste hometown cookings which I've been longing for.

Friday, May 18, 2007

First Area Solo

Today was my first solo flight into the training area. Flying back into the area was so much fun compared to doing circuits in the aerodrome. Everything was so relaxed. With the aircraft nicely trimmed, it can be flown by itself without any input to the controls. Traveling south, to the east are the mountains while to the west is the Indian Ocean. The view is just breathtaking with green meadows and farms stretching all the way south. While practicing the PFL and flying low, I can get to see cows, sheeps and horses. It was fun at times to chase the animals but certainly not for the ranch owners. Some might get pissed off for disturbing their herds. Sorry bout that, mate.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Diecast Model Plane

I have started my very first collection of diecast model planes. The 3 planes in my collection are military jets; the F14, F15 and F18. One more model, the SU27, will be coming in later end of this month. All models are metal diecast in 1:72 scale made by either Dragon or Witty. After finishing collecting the military jets, I intend to move on to commercial planes. In my future house, I will dedicate a room just to display all the model planes that I have collected in my entire life.