Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Travel Log: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has become all too familiar to me. I've been there for the past 3 consecutive years. Knowing this complicated metropolitan city inside out is a big bonus. I can now walk without maps nor even need to speak to the majority of Japanese who don't want to speak English. Without prior planning, I can now just hop onto any train and go to where my heart desires. While shopping in Shinjuku, I decided to bring my colleagues for sushi. Among the hundreds of Yakitori pubs in the area, we managed to find a secluded sushi restaurant which serves fresh sushi on conveyor belts. We had the best meal on a bargain price. You don't have to pay premium price for good sushi if you know where to find it. Nor you need to wake up 4-5am for Tsukiji Fish Market sushi.

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