Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini Travel Log: Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany

If you have some free time in Munich and have nothing else to do, you can take a short train ride to Dachau to check out the Dachau Concentration Camp used during the WW2. If you go by your own, you'll only need to spend 8.30 euros instead of spending more than 20 euros following guided tours.

From any S-Bahn stations in Munich, hop onto S2 line Peterhausen direction train. You can purchase the XXL day ticket from the ticket vending machine for 8.30 euros. Make sure you choose XXL single day ticket as you'll be most likely offered a single trip ticket at 5.40 euros which you need to buy 2 for the return as well, making it more expensive. Train ride is only about 20 minutes. You can alight at Dachau Bahnhof. Remember to keep you train ticket because this ticket will also include the bus ride.

Right outside Dachau Bahnhof, you can wait for bus 726 Saubachsiedlung direction. You will never miss it because the stop itself has many Dachau Concentration Camp pictures and directions. You can alight at KZ-Gedenkstätte stop. A short walk will bring you past the visitor centre and to the camp entrance gate.

It is advisable to take the early train from 8am onwards so you can reach the camp at about 9am. This is to avoid groups of tourists which will stream in endlessly later in the morning. With almost no one else around, you can really take in the atmosphere, sometimes that eerie feeling in a huge camp.

For more information, you can visit the official website here:

Click on the image for picture gallery; First few pictures are from Munich itself

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