Thursday, September 10, 2009


When I visited Sentosa during my childhood, all I remember is there's only the musical fountain, Underwater World and some resort overlooking the main city island. Fast forward, the island has turned into one giant tourist trap with so many new attractions. Now there's a Siloso beach with Cafe del Mar popular for its beach and foam party. There's also a giant integrated casino and resort coming up to cash in on those gambler uncle and aunties' savings. To the east of the island, new residential areas are popping up for the rich and famous. Every lawn is never short of exotic cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Get the best deal in town if you're a Singaporean or PR by getting the discounted package ticket that allows you to visit and play in a number of attractions. If you're a foreigner visiting with some Singaporean friends, chances are the cashier will just close one eye and sell you the same package. Give it a try. On the island, I highly recommend you to play the Luge; a free-wheeling cart going downhill at insane speed.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Waterspout is a very common phenomenon in the tropics, and especially in Singapore. Yet I have never seen one in my whole life until one fine afternoon when the sky suddenly turned dark and the heaven opened its floodgate. Right before the rain pours, a giant waterspout was seen weaving its way over the ships anchored off the shore. A free cleaning service courtesy from mother nature. An aircraft was seen taking off from the airport nearby and headed straight into the funnel. What an amazing sight.