Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland: Yokohama, Tokyo, Nikko

Winter is the time where everyone wants to avoid and stay indoor. Many think it is cold, dull and depressing; so did I. I was wrong. I had a memorable white winter trip to Yokohama, Tokyo and Nikko. It was a wonderful trip to start off my year.

Yokohama is a sleepy town south of Tokyo. Even though not too packed compared to Tokyo, it does not lack behind in terms of entertainment and shopping. It has many big shopping complexes and a big theme park. This beautiful port city offers many picturesque sight-seeing spots like Osanbashi pier and Akarenga Soko. The city is also home to the largest Chinatown in Japan.

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Tokyo: city full of energy and neon lights. I have been to most of the attraction sites last year. This time round, I visited the Tokyo Dome City for its theme park and then headed to Ikebukuro. I climbed up the Sunshine 60 building for a breathtaking view of Tokyo city. I'm like a local resident now. For once, I never got lost and needed to ask any help for direction. Hmm...I'm thinking of getting a part time tour guide job here.

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My trip to Nikko was also my first white snow experience. Although I've seen snow before, this time I was actually there when the snow started falling. Just slight snow for a short while, but it was quite an experience. I was unprepared and was frozen to become a snowman. Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls are so beautiful in the white snowy landscape.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Japanese. Could you see Mt. Fuji from a tall building?
We can expect to see it such a fine day in winter. I would say it's beautiful.
Please visit another not busy cities like Kyoto, if you have chance. Enjoy flight.

hoongji said...

yup, managed to see it. not too clear due to some clouds. i would love to visit hokkaido and fukuoka next time