Friday, August 13, 2010

Mini Travel Log: London, UK

We brought the sunshine from Singapore to London when we touched down. I was told by the ground staff it had been awful and raining for the past week. With great sun, blue skies and cool temperature, I had a wonderful stay in the city. I benefited from the long day hours during summer, which I had spare time to visit more places and a cruise down Thames River. However when it comes to night time, I had to wait until 9pm for the sun to fully set. I have missed the chance to snap the beautiful city night shot from the hill up in Greenwich Park, because it closes at 8.30pm. The weather turned awful again on the day I left. Temperature dipped to a low of 16 deg during summer. Unbelievable. It reminded me of Melbourne, where the city can have 4 seasons in a day.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Singapore Street/Night Photography, V4

Although Singapore is small, photography opportunities are endless. Being a young city, it is undergoing major transformation everyday. There are always new attractions and places popping up. And all these are carefully planned and artistically built to give Singapore such a beautiful yet futuristic city landscape. The recently completed Marina Bay Sands and the Helix Bridge is a testament to that. The rooftop garden of Marina Bay Sands is an engineering marvel.

I wrapped up my day with an ice cold beer on the rooftop garden. While enjoying the sunset, I can also see the city basking under the golden rays from the sun. Singapore has definitely come a long way to reach where she is today. As she will be celebrating the National Day soon; Happy Birthday.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Singapore Botanic Garden, V2

I had an outing at the Botanic Garden last year in my dog photography project. As mentioned earlier, it was cut short by an unexpected rain. I made a promise to return to this beautiful garden due to some "unfinished" business. Haha, actually I wanted to explore the entire garden. On a sunny Monday morning, I made my trip to the garden. While everyone else is stuck in the morning rush hour and Monday blues, I take the slow lane in the park. Breathing fresh air and having picnic in the lush greenery is definitely the way of life.

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